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The services on the above site link require enrollment and fees.   Some extensive.  However, they also provide some free resources and I’ve found them to be very valuable.    The services appear to be very highly reviewed and I’m familiar with some of them.    They focus on both men and women.   If you are looking to try to work through infidelity and stay with your partner,  this is one site I suggest reviewing.   I will post other resources as well as I continue to compile them .

http://www.marriagebuilders.com/    This site is one of many I have bookmarked.  I’m only just beginning to sift through them all so I can not personally share my experience with this resource yet.   But I will let you know…

I am keenly interested in the psychological effects of infidelity so I did a quick search on ask.com and these are the first 9 web results that came up.  I haven’t read them all.   In fact, i haven’t read any of them yet.    When I do,  I will leave feedback.   If you read or have read any of them, feel free to leave your own thoughts on them.  I’d love to hear them.

Emotional reactions to infidelity