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Lying and Infidelity in Romantic Relationships – Truth About Deception.

Another site custom made for rants. Be careful with this one. There is some interesting information and discussions but it can be dangerous. The site addresses infidelity and yet many of the advertisers link in target dating sites and similar sites. There is a lot of hokey stuff attached…. such as make him addicted to you, how to stop an affair and have the relationship you want, cell phone tracking and PI’s. Basically it preys on the human hopes for an easy solution or for finding and calling out the cheater. There is a lot of anger in the discussion boards. God knows I can relate to it. Reading it can be difficult. Hearing the stories so similar to my own. Hearing the same excuses and lies used by my own partner and it can be easy to get caught up in the anger and the hurt. It can also spark a lot of triggers. I’m pressing it here because it’s a site I explored in my search for healing. Everyone heals differently, some may be looking for the strength to leave, etc. It may not be the best site for me but someone else might find what they need there.