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If you have recently discovered or are still in the process of trying to recover from an affair this is a good site for some information on affairs and if you are the betrayed it is a good sanity check. You will confirm what you already know in your head, that you are not crazy. Even while your mate may try to push you toward moving on. May not understand the emotional and relationship consequences of their actions and make you feel like you are irrational or crazy or in my case “negative”, this will remind you what you already know. The process of grief is a long and bumpy road which your partner can either choose to travel with you or may not have the strength to recognize their responsibility in recovery. I shared this site with my own partner who has serious issues with empathy. I wouldn’t say that reading it changed him instantly to a partner who would understand in the deepest parts of his soul the damage he’s done and the work he needs to do to help me, but I do believe it gave him some bit of understanding and at the very least showed him that what I am experiencing is real.