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My son has a new friend. Her name is Robin and for all appearances he is very smitten. It’s long over due. He was previously in a relationship with a young lady who suffered from some pretty significant emotional issues, making her controlling at best, but more often just manipulative and hurtful. I was relieved when he showed signs of recognizing her constant state of destruction and cautious for the months that followed during which I wasn’t too certain he would hold his ground and not be persuaded back. Now I’m hopeful that he will experience something more positive and rewarding. A relationship that is also a mutual friendship based on respect and true affection. Someone that inspires him and shares comfort and security. A special person to enjoy the simple joys of life with and to team up with. I’m hopeful and happy for him. I hope it blossoms into something wonderful!! I haven’t met her yet.
The name, Robin, is a pretty name. It happens to be the name of one of my dearest friends over the past 3 decades. So for me, it usually conjures up feelings of familiarity and friendship, sunny personalities and laughter. It’s also the name of one of a women my significant other took to bed for a one night romp (maybe more) with no respect or honor for my role in his life and so, these days it conjures up images of betrayal and stolen intimacy between my partner and another woman.
I’ve been hoping that my son would meet someone that he enjoys. It’s just typical of my luck that she would end up with a name that triggers deep and raw emotions inside of me before I even meet her. It’s ironic, it’s even slightly funny. I have no doubt there is a lesson here, a purpose for this coincidental association that I will one day see. For now, I can only shake my head. God can sometimes have a wicked sense of humor……