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Who am I?
Since I prefer to write in private, free of recognition, I don’t post my photo. But who is it that writes all of this stuff? Who is the logical me, the wild me, the angry me, the compassionate me? I’m more than just the sum of my words. More than the just the pain or anger or logic I’ve expressed in my journey through infidelity. I’m a girl with many sides…. Here are just a few..

The innocence in me. I hold tightly to this part of me. The memories, the waking of passion, the many bottles of strawberry wine I have enjoyed, caught between being a woman and a child, bitter sweet.

Dream On. I’m definitely an Aerosmith fan! This particular song makes me 17, when dressed in black leotards and a flowing Stevie Nicks worthy dress, I performed interpretive dance to this music on stage.

Glitter in the air… The embodiment of the singer that lives inside me… This would be exactly how I’d want it to come out.. It’s pure, raw, flawless, sensual, a sound of hope…. I have been away from singing far too long. Perhaps I will clear my throat and one day find my own voice again.

This is the romantic that lives inside of me. Where love always wins..

The reality. Could fill the grand canyon with all the lies… nope, there was no Arizona.

A video that makes me cry and the message I wish every woman would hear, we’re already perfect. We need to stop the pain and the messed up messages we send to daughters around the world..

The sexuality in me, the craving, the desire, the sensual tension that fuels my creativity and vitality..

What if God was one of us? God is in each of us. Treat each other kindly….seriously, kindly. At some level, we are all each other.

From one of my favorite movies, this song speaks to me..

An oldie but still one of the best freakin dance songs ever made! Dancing makes me feel alive. I never get tired of it. EVER! Of course it was a hard choice between posting this one or Buck Cherry’s Crazy Bitch… : )

My favorite Pink Floyd song, this song holds an entire chapter of my life, dead and gone, but this song freezes it in time forever…. It’s not about the lyrics until it comes down to the line “how I wish you were here” It’s the melody, the memories and the echo of the voice speaking across the miles…