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In my quest to reclaim my wildness (re: last blog post) I have also become pre-occupied with what it means to be a woman.   What it means to me and what it may mean to others.    And because I’m also in the midst of affair recovery there is no escaping the subject matter of sexuality.    It’s one of the central focus points in my life right now.   The highs, the lows.   The ecstasy and the disappointments.   The desires and the frustrations and more than anything else,  what my sexuality means to me.    After much thought on the topic I’m finally ready to begin dissecting the topic of both sexuality and sensuality.   Two distinctly different things yet both integral to the whole.  My next post will be my personal look at these two concepts but as I pondered all my various thoughts on the matter I found myself wondering how typical or atypical am I really, on this subject?   Will many women relate to the thoughts I share on passion and desire, needs and aversions?  Or will few?   I started trying to do some research.   What do surveys and studies tell us? What percentage of women like or dislike sex?   In doing so I stumbled on this lengthy article.   I’ll warn you it’s long, (yes, longer than my rambling blog posts!) and detailed.   But I have to post it because it speaks to me.  Loudly.    It confirms many of the feelings I have and theories I’ve arrived at.  

To name just a few:

  • Women are just as sexual as men,  and possibly more so.
  • Women are aroused by a broader range of stimuli than men.  SURPRISE!! 
  • Women express and experience sexuality differently than men but that does not make us less sexual.
  • Women are more receptive than aggressive when it comes to desire and sex
  • There is a significant mind body disconnect when it comes to women’s sexuality.    When it comes to satisfaction…One does not work without the other.   MEN,  this is KEY INFORMATION
  • Being desired.   Being the goddess.  It’s a significant if not primary factor in female sexuality.

Very interesting reading in the following link: