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Reflections on Recovery


Inspiration is everywhere in the work of a therapist. There is a fair amount of relationship pain that walks into my office. Many wish to have love, acceptance, and belonging….for the authentic self to be revealed, accepted, and loved. Not by what a person does or accomplishes……but to be truly loved. A dear friend of mine taught me this about intimacy: “It’s having the ability to sing the song of your beloved’s heart back to them.”  The need to be loved with unconditional regard is natural and normal.

 A poem for you……by the way, learn to sing the song of your heart to yourself, no matter what!


  He didn’t get to know Me

  The girl who needs to know you know

   The girl who sways in the wind

   Listening to her favorite songs

    Dreaming about you


He didn’t get to know Me

The girl who needs to feel you know

The girl who dances to her music, Singing…

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