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Earlier this week and last week  I was nominated for two separate awards, by two wonderful bloggers linked above.   It has meant a lot to me to have them follow my blog and share their thoughts considering I never anticipated having any readers when I started this on line “self journal”  toward my affair recovery.   It’s been both freeing and intimidating to bare so much of myself and to be received without judgment has been very healing.  Thank you both!

I have no idea if it’s within the rules to combine two awards at once.  But I’ve never been one who does well with rules!  The bloggers I nominate are all worthy of both awards and have probably already been nominated multiple times anyway.   I’m still accumulating favorite bloggers and I’m sure I’ve  inadvertently missed some that I have truly found amazing to read so I apologize for that upfront and for not listing the 15 that the rules call for.

The Rules of Acceptance

  •  Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post:
  •  Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
  •  Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
  •  Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them

Here are 7 things you might not guess about me… while also trying to remain completely unknown.

  1. I once wanted to be a psychologist (now I’m a case study, lol)  but if I were able rewind my life and take a different path I would quite possibly be an archeologist.
  2. I believe in reincarnation.   When I ponder past lives I seem to drift toward an American Indian or an Egyptian priestess.   What ever lives I’ve lived I sense they were spiritual journey’s in some sense.
  3. One thing I would love to do…. Be a rock star for a month and sing for thousands of people.  I can so imagine the feeling that would come from merging with that many people at once through music and the wild free sense of abandon, passion and sensuality the music would bring!
  4. I despise the formed, push up, padded bras that are all the rage now.  For crying out loud,  can a girl find a form fitting sexy lace bra that doesn’t shove the girls to the center of your chest and up under your chin while cutting into your rib cage?!    I propose we protest the false advertising and burn those Flippen atrocities!!! Who’s with me?
  5. I have a boot fetish.   Boots of all kinds, cowboy boots, tall boots, short boots, leather boots, suede boots, Give me sexy boots with jeans over high heels any day of the week!
  6. I have another blog that has nothing to do with infidelity.  It has been abandoned for years.
  7. When I was four years old I could fly down an entire set of  endless stairs.   Float actually.  Gracefully suspended through the air…practically do aerial acrobatics in mid air, slow motion.  It tickled my tummy.   It was incredible.   My mother disputes this claim and swears there were no more than 5 stairs.  Poor woman.  I love her dearly,  but she never did understand magic  = )

And my  nominations are…. (sorry I haven’t mastered links yet)

http://ifhappyeverafterdidexist.wordpress.com/ – for my particular circumstances this blog almost always has a post that I find relevant.    A wonderful writer,  a strong compassionate spirit, and a great support to me though she probably doesn’t even realize it.

http://iminlovewithaserialcheater.com/   one of the first to express support when I started blogging.  A kindred spirit in some ways. 

http://beingabeautifulmess.wordpress.com/   Another who has propped me up through spirit.   I enjoy her open honesty and her determination and love the name she chose for her blog.

http://zharptitsa.wordpress.com/  This blogger has been brutally honest at times in her comments and yet I have always believed they come with compassion and sincerity.   I enjoy her blog, her writing, respect what she has accomplished and am fascinated with the workings of her mind..

http://mrsneutronsgarage.wordpress.com/  –  almost always unusual,  spirited rants, strong opinions, excellent writer.

http://theforgottenwife.com/ –  I enjoy the reading! 

http://navigatingvita.com/ – one of my favorite blogs on word press!!

http://lifeandallthingslove.com/   refreshingly optimistic.  I love the way she writes.

http://hellomysinis.wordpress.com/  – I love the inner workings of this writers mind

http://karmicdiva.wordpress.com/  love the musings of this writer…

http://thebitchytruth.wordpress.com/   I recently found this blog through another and couldn’t resist the naked honesty or the attitude.

http://backonmyown.wordpress.com/   I admire the strength  and always enjoy the photographs