This is a rebuttal to my post regarding cheating women. I was first tempted to ignore it but he raises very legitimate points, though I think he missed the underlying message. I did comment on his blog. I don’t expect him to change his mind but I did feel that his readers might have a better understanding of my post if I commented on his.

Affair Resources and Advice

woman-reading-letterI am no fan of the cheater, despite what some of my readers think.  I’ve been very diligent not only in my opposition to affairs in general, but any attempts by active cheaters to justify themselves and their behavior.  If you are cheating, you have no justification, even if you have your ‘reasons’.  You are doing something that is a massive betrayal and deceit.  Frankly, some of you are pretty much self-indulgent, delusional, narcissistic twits.  I see blogs all of the time of current and former cheaters who absolutely don’t seem to have any remorse for having affairs.   I know not all of you are like this, even if Betrayed Spouses wish to paint you that way.  But some of you are.  Let’s face the facts:  Cheating is bad. There is no real way to justify it or sugar-coat it.

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